whoops i worked on the website more the other day like maybe on the 8th or something idk. i've been getting sick and tired of life just bc school and this one guy who was like lowkey rapey and just ugh fuck life why cant we always just have fun and not have to think that hard. so i just havent really been in the mood to work on my website. but now school is over and i had a dream he apologized and that the reason he was being so egocentric and annoying was because he was off his meds. anyways i added some stuff click around there's some fun links there. i also added some more stuff today too. Im trying to provide you with as much free art and interesting knowledge as i can. my goal in life is to become your charlie algorithm. fuck algorithms lets make things addictive the manual way by just being really high quality and interesting. anyways idk i have nothing else to say for now.
^ 6/10/2024 11:10 pm

forgot to update it sunday (the 14th) but i fucked around with the home page i like it but i gotta add more links now. added some music to listen to in the background while playing with my site
^ 4/16/2024 10:56 am

felt like it was time for a change in the background which eventually led a little bit to some world building/lore creating of the website introducing the charlys world god i tried to design these 3d clouds and put them in but i got too lazy too figure out the specifics of arranging them nicely since i fuck around with div s way too hard and it was all to goddamn confusing to me today. i hope its not like that forever. also i added a youtube video to my home page so watch it its cool its paper rad they are probby my biggest inspiration when it comes to approaching my art, which reminds me that i should add them to the artists i like page
^ 4/12/2024 12:27 pm

havent been on here in a while, just busy in the real world and other projects and all that bs D: i added some more pics to my art page tho i kind of forgot how bad i love this website so ill give it some love later. and alsoo!!! im releasing the second issue of my anthology books full of art from my friends. check it out i just revamped the website :D
^ 4/11/2024 10:27 pm

worked a little more for a couple hours maybe i am starting to put all the link mazes together on a singular page i think this website is becoming a little more organized/user friendly than i originally intended so im conisdering a bit of a structural redesign possibly, im not completely sure what it will be- i still want there to be surprises i think what im doing right now is taking away all the surprises. i worked on the homepage a little so its pretty nice and tidy and well put together now, at least the top of it is. i want to make the rest of the page nice and crowded too but that takes a bit of work. idk it looks nice i gueessss but i need to fuck it up more
^ 3/24/2024 6:56 pm

wrote about friendships and added some pics from my trip to southern idaho, worked on my art page as well, i wanna add the link mazes i made to more gifs
^ 3/24/2024 11:47 am

i also added my tumblr in the depths of my homepage
^ 3/13/2024 12:54 am

found this cool wheel of fortune game and was going to add it to the website and holy damn i got sucked up into it-- i added a new link maze because my roommate says he likes those, spent like two hours on here. its 1230 am and i have 6 hours of art critiques tomorrow *cry emoji* idk what im gonna do with myself whatever i hart this website goodnight
^ 3/13/2024 12:42 am

added some more pages and now im working on making the art page a little nicer its not quite there yet but it is starting to look good
^ 3/10/2024 5:16 pm

im learning how to place items exactly where i want them like down to the pixel, it's pretty awesome i spent like 2 hours working today on just that so the header looks rlly cool now. gotta work on that more for the rest of the site but it takes foreverrrrrrr omg
^ 3/04/2024 6:27 pm

just made my first animated gif!!!! its up by the midi players hes so cute
^ 3/02/2024 1:25 am

kept working after that last post- added a bunch of links, and some new pages- of some writing i like that stays with me and such. also added more to the home page. im kind of so in love with my website
^ 3/01/2024 8:39 pm

ok just spent about an hour and a half tidying up the space and telling people where they can find stuff lol- i thought it was fun kind of hiding links but tbh i want people to see the pages im making so i can't hide them anymore... im not sure what ill link stuff too now but i'm sure that'll be figured out in the future.
^ 3/01/2024 5:46 pm

about to sleep i think i worked on this thing for lik 14 hrs today. it's got all the guts of a good website and pretty entertaining if i do say so myself...... the design is meh but i'll work on that in the future im worn out. goodnight all
^ 3/01/2024 12:18 am

i really need to go out and get beer or something i'm so stuck in my house but i hate going out at night because it's cold and there's so much going on outside and the door from my apartment is so far away from the actual front door of my building- ill probably get ready to go soon. I tried to sit down and work on the website but i dont think i can do it anymore. my room is kind of messy i need to clean it that's what's holding me back too i think i just need to get up and clean my goddamn room
^ 2/29/2024 7:52 pm

jk still working
^ 2/29/2024 6:26 pm

just did like 6 hrs of work lol but there still so much i wanna do my brain just melting a little lol
^ 2/29/2024 5:11 pm

also found the dopest site ever
^ 2/28/2024 11:27 pm

heyy everybody!!yyyyy whats up i asdded a bunch of bullshit to this sucker and it accidentally took me like 2 hours but now it;s gorgeouser than ever so y'know you give and you get.
^ 2/28/2024 11:23 pm

ok you guys lets get real for a second. im sitting on my couch and i had mashed potatos for dinner. I didn't put seasoning in them because iwas so fucking hungry that i was becoming pissy as hell and i didn't stand a chance. they tasted like shit. well here i am i can hear the rainn, i still thought it was summer but i guess not. School starts on wednesday and i am not so worried because im in the art major now. SO i make like awesome thing and nothing has to suck ever again ohg my god and fuck yesss!! andyways well ill make a sculpture this quarter.
^9/25/2023/ 11:51 pm